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Cartherin Forres

Marketing Director
Let us begin..Elegant Mostar Watch
We live in such an incredible era; the internet has brought us more connected than ever. We can talk directly to someone across the world, find out interesting content for free, watch some cat videos on youtube and even shop online without ever having to visit a physical store. Isn’t that Impressive? This magical gift gives us consumers the ability to check through tons of shopping pages within minutes — something that took us hours before. As a result of that, we can research and compare the same product with tons of other companies. The transparency has increased rapidly and nowadays you can find out almost anything about a company. Or who your ex is dating..
The only way for new started company like us to survive the tough competition, or even dare battling against the big brands, is to be transparent as a company. Big brands inflate their prices far over their production cost. They know consumers buy their products because of their name — thus they spend countless of hours and money on marketing their brand. To compensate their losses, they increase the price and lower the quality. Surprise! Feeling let down? Don't be, we are here for you. We at AMASAL are different, or at least we are trying to. Hear us out:
Inspired by Balkan
AMASAL is a timepiece crafted from the inspiration of the Balkan landscape and the ottoman architecture emerging around the cities of Balkan. The striking ancient structure creeping amongst the captivating nature; blending in seamlessly and offering a spectacular view. For decades the cities and nature of Balkan has offered extraordinary experience for visitors all over the world.
We wanted to share that joy further by offering you a chance to keep that memory eternal. We usually take pictures of something astonishing or that has inspired us so we don't forget about it. How about having the memory captured on the caseback of your watch? This is the whole marketing strategy of our company: we wanted to create something unique; something that puts a smile to our customers and not like the stomach ache they receive when they see the price bill from our competitors. Let us skip that. It's not the materialistic things that satisfies us, it's the experiences in life.
The StrategyBeautiful View Over Bascarsija

We sought to create the perfect watch for a quarter of the cost as branded ones. A watch that could be worn on all occasions and that is somehow connected to Balkan. And in that very moment, the revolutionary idea of our unique caseback design was invented. Not only to our watches look extremely damn good, but they are also something personal for you. A memory that will follow you wherever you go.It's no longer attractive to buy the most expensive watches. We don't want to over charge our customers nor pretend that our watches are of the highest quality. We are not luxury watches. A cheaper watch can believe it or not offer the same type of quality and even better, than the watches sold above 300€. So why pay hundreds of euros extra for the same watch that can be bought for far less?
Make yourself a favor and save that money for something better. The wisest consumers are the ones that buys the best watches at the lowest price range possible. Now that is something to brag about! So go ahead and explore the natural sights of Balkan territory; dive into the emerald green river of ”Una”; visit iconic landmarks such as ”Dubrovnik” or take a coffee break at ”Baščaršija” while you enjoy staring at your AMASAL watch