Shop In Store VS Online
We have decided to focus solely on having an online store due to avoid over-charging our products. There exists a weird marketing strategy in Bosnia that many store uses:
#1. They don’t want to buy your product before they first have sold them in their store.
In other words, we must send them watches for ”free” and they will pay us once the customer buys the product. We could have our watches laying in their stores for months.. Imagine having to do it with all the stores:
It would require a higher inventory than we can afford with and thus increase our costing. Not to mention it would be extreme risky for us. And to compromise with this, we would have to ”sell” them at a higher cost to Boutiques in order to not lose money and keep our business running. Not good.
#2. Almost every watch store wants the profit to be double than the watch price.
No matter the initial cost. For instance, if they purchase a product for 20€, they will sell it for at least 40€ . And sometimes even 60€. Ultimately, they don’t care if they make 10€ profit per product or 100€ as long as it’s the double of the initial product price.
When you buy our watches online; not only do you save up to 70% than you would if you’d buy them in a store, but you’d also have free shipping world wide & free returns. Yes, it would take a little bit longer than buying them directly in store. But hey! You save lots of money for what it’s worth. And you skip Buyer’s remorse. Win-Win!
P.S You haven’t forgot that If you live in Bosnia; you can choose to pay with ”Cash on Delivery”. That means you pay the delivery man in cash after you receive the product.