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The Rise of Ottoman Empire
The Ottoman Empire was under the 16th and 17th centuries at the height of its power under the reign of Suleiman the Magnificent. The empire controlled a big part of Eastern Europe that is today known as Balkan. Mostar economics grew rapidly under the ottoman rule and quickly became a popular city. The locals had to pass an old wooden bridge in order to cross the river that divided the Ottoman east with the Christian west. Many people feared for their live crossing the old bridge as it swayed tremendously. Suleiman the Magnificent thus requested to build a new bridge that would link the two villages. No one dared at first to construct the bridge due to its unprecedented dimensions.
  Beautiful View In Mostar
But Mimar Hayruddin, the student of Mimar Sinan, eventually accepted the offer. It was said that he even prepared for his funeral because of the bridge. The year was 1577 when Hayruddin designed the bridge and it took nine years to complete. If it wasn’t for the unstable wooden bridge, we wouldn’t be staring today at the twenty-nine meters long ancient bridge that is arching steeply over the vigorous river Neretava. The construction of the bridge remains as a mystery today. Legends says the bridge was held by metal pins and mortar from egg whites.
The 427 years old “Old Bridge” fell down in 1993 due to the Balkan War. Five years later the project to rebuild the bridge began. Thanks to all the donations; the bridge was managed to be reconstructed in July 23, 2004. The bridge remains today as the heart of Mostar and is famous all over the world for its unique design. Ever since 1968 have the locals held an annual diving competition.
Our first model is therefore inspired by the old bridge "Stari Most" and marks as the new era of a united Balkan. After months of drawing and perfecting the caseback, with many turkish coffee consumed, we finally crafted the perfect watch. Tan brown leather straps represents as the dividing sides of western and eastern Mostar. Navy blue dial that reminds us of the Neretva river; the golden case reminding us of the ottoman buildings surrounding the river; and at last, the caseback that is keeping them all in one perfect place, as the old bridge does. Inspired by Balkan.

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